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Julie Ann Gadziala is a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Business Building Coach. 


She brings humor, comfort and joy to all who have been in sessions with her. Sessions incorporate her strengths as a Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Healer and Business Intuitive.


When your session begins you can choose to spend your time in one or a blend of the following areas:


Psychic / Intuitive
Julie Ann’s most popular sessions! Enjoy a fast paced blend of Psychic/Intuitive wisdom blended in with your card reading. Bring your “here and now” questions with you for answers. Gain guidance about what is in store for you in the upcoming near future. Find out what is really happening around the people in your life as they are connected to you. Get tips on how to further develop your own Psychic and Intuitive abilities if that is of interest to you.


In a most beautiful channel stream Julie Ann brings forth profound and, at times, humorous and insightful messages of truth that is very personal to her clients. Messages range from spiritual path revelations to guidance about your life. In session she may reveal past lives and bridge the connection to your current lifetime. You may choose to bring your questions to these sessions and, if you do, just watch as answers come fast and furious.


Julie Ann’s Mediumship practice is a healing practice. She bridges us to our loved ones who are on the other side. She has helped countless people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, shared memories and beautiful messages which help heal and bring a sense of peace. Words unspoken due to a sudden passing can come to light in these sessions with remarkable clarity. Email a photo of your loved one prior to your session to have an even deeper connection:


Development Sessions
Many individuals desire to go deeper in your spiritual and/or meditative practice, tap more easily into their own intuition, learn to channel/automatic write or type and find more meaning from dream states. You are welcome to book sessions that will be chock full of education and guidance specific just to you. CHECK OUT JULIE ANN'S ZOOM AND IN PERSON CLASSES ON HER WEBSITE CALENDAR:


Spiritual Business Coaching Sessions
Abundance direction and directives are shared here. Julie Ann gives business advice and strategies that assist both new and seasoned practitioners get to a place of greater confidence and abundance with their gifts from a Business perspective. Whether you are creating a Spiritual Business or already working your Spiritual Business, Julie Ann can be a profound resource. Email Julie Ann directly to inquire.


Text: 978-387-5306

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